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Lawn Mower Selection Support

----------------------Maintenance Packages Checklist & Other Services


Service Packages Available

Riding Mowers 24 HP & Under

Riding Mowers 25 HP & Up 

Diesel Riding Mowers 

Walk Behind Aerators (Basic) 

Walk Behind Aerators(Full Service)

Generator Maintenance Service 

Walk Behind Mower Service 

Commercial Zero Turn Mower Service

Commercial Walk Behind Service

Commercial Mower Inspection 

Hand Held Blower Maintenance 

Chainsaw Maintenance 

Snow Plow Service 

String Trimmer Service 

Hedge Trimmer Service (Engine Only) 

Hedge Trimmer Blade Sharpening

Riding Mower (24 HP & Under) Tune Up and Inspection

  • Inspect for leaks

  • Replace spark plug(s)

  • Change oil and filter (if equipped)

  • Inspect engine mounting

  • Inspect crankcase breather,intake system hoses and clamps

  • Inspect muffler and exhaust system

  • Clean and inspect engine screens and shrouds

  • Inspect fuel system for leaks and replace fuel filter

  • Ensure all gauges and lights are in working order

  • Inspect wiring harness and check all safety switches work

  • Check battery cables and clean terminals, test battery

  • Test alternator output

  • Check starter operation

  • Check power train for any leaks

  • Inspect transmission/transaxle mounting bolts

  • Inspect belts and/or drive coupler

  • Check PTO clutch and brake operation

  • Check steering operation

  • Clean top and bottom of deck

  • Sharpen and balance blade(s)

  • Inspect belt, spindles, and idlers

  • Level deck

  • Check condition of tire and wheels, adjust air pressure

  • Lube and grease unit

Push Mower Maintenance Package

Tune Up and Inspections Includes:

  • Replace Air Filter

  • Replace Spark Plugs

  • Adjust Carburetor

  • Inspect for leaks

  • Inspect wiring harness

  • Check clutch operation

  • Inspect drive belt and pulleys

  • Clean under side of deck

  • Sharpen & Balance Blade(s)

  • Inspect Blade Break Clutch (if equipped)

  • Inspect bag and chute (if equipped)

  • Inspect wheels

  • Inspect height adjusters

  • Change oil and oil filter (if equipped)

  • Change fuel filter (if equipped)

  • Check recoil starter operation (if equipped)

  • Inspect and adjust throttle cable, clutch cable, & transmission cable

String Trimmer Tune Up

Tune Up and Inspections Includes:

  • Check for proper operation

  • Check starter rope condition

  • Clean spark arrestor screen

  • Clean fan housing

  • Replace air filter

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Replace spark plug

  • Check RPM’s and adjust if needed 

  • Restring trimmer head

  • Inspect trimmer head for wear/damage 

Blower Maintenance

  • Replace air filter

  • Replace spark plug

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Check starter rope condition 

  • Clean spark arrestor screen

  • Check condition of blower tubes

  • Check engine RPM’s and adjust if needed

Generator Maintenance

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Replace spark plug(s)

  • Change oil and filter (if equipped)

  • Inspect engine mounting

  • Replace air filter

  • Inspect outlets to make sure they are working

  • Inspect fuel system for leaks 

  • Check battery cables and clean terminals, test battery


Authorized Retail/ Warranty Center

In order to serve our customers better, we have become a warranty and retail center for Kohler, Briggs & Stratton & Kawasaki Engines.  We are able to perform warranty work on units in warranty.  We can also order any parts you may need and if you don't have an engine issue, we can help you with that as well! Give us a call today!

Kawasaki Engines

Image by Benjamin Jopen

Small Engine Repair

We would love the chance to work with you on not only your riding mowers but with your smaller equipment as well. We know they both work hand in hand to make your lawn and landscape the best it can be.

*If no repairs are made on the unit after an estimate is provided, a $45 diagnostic fee will apply to cover our technicians time into compiling the estimate for you.  We appreciate your understanding!

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